Kicking it With Kelly

Kicking it With Kelly

Kicking it With Kelly

We love being featured on blogs and in print. Here's what the blogger Kelly - of Kicking it With Kelly - had to say about enfold. "They are the perfect choice if you are looking for unique ways to wrap your holiday gifts." We totally agree - and while her blog entry was on unique ways to wrap holiday gifts - we say, use them all year for all occasions. 


#30wears #30wraps

Eco fashion advocate Livia Firth, from has a campaign to get people thinking more about the creation and use of their clothing -using the hashtag #30wears. We think the same thought process should apply to gift wrap too - although enfold gift wrap will last way longer than 30 uses!

Presidents that would use enfold reusable gift wrap

With the primary season underway and President's Day around the corner, we thought we'd put together a list of presidents who would be all for enfold reusable gift wrap. Here's what we came up with:

Theodore Roosevelt – an avid outdoorsman, he created wildlife preserves and established the U.S. Forest Service. He's the first president in many people's minds when you think of conservation.




Franklin Delano Roosevelt – created the Civilian Conservation Corps which planted billions of trees, built hiking trails, cleaned up streams, and constructed parks. He also gave the most pardons and passed the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Generous, job creating, and social. We can identify with that.


Lyndon B. Johnson - his Great Society plan set social justice goals, and he was responsible for the creation of the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966, the National Trails System Act of 1968, and the Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965.



Richard Nixon –was instrumental in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency as well as signing the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, and the Endangered Species Act of 1973.




Jimmy Carter – put solar panels on the White House and is an advocate for peace and humanitarian causes. Plus his out of office work building houses and getting rid of guinea worm show who he is deep down.




Gerald R. Ford – he’s from where we’re based. Go Grand Rapids! Plus - those pants and a Golden in the oval office deserve some sort of special recognition!





Benjamin Harrison – was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the White House. Christmas is a big season for us so we appreciate the tradition he started.






Andrew Johnson – was a tailor, so of course he would want fabric based gift wrap!






Honorable mention - George H. W. Bush for sporting a seersucker suit. Did we leave anyone out? If so, let us know who else should be on the list in the comments section.


Upcycled Gift Guide

We love repurposed things - which is why we've partnered with Sari Bari to make our upcycled gift wrap. Here are some of our favorite things reclaimed things from other Michigan based companies. 

Wallace Detroit Guitars make beautiful instruments out of reclaimed wood from old Detroit factories

Teamwork uses upcycled materials to make high quality bags. The one pictured above is made of reclaimed sailboat sails from the Great Lakes region.

Remark Clothing takes old t-shirts and makes them into cool dresses. 

Rebel Nell makes fun jewelry from Detroit graffiti. Plus they have a great job training/placement component to their work. Way to go!

Original Stix make iPhone cases from broken NHL, minor league and college hockey sticks. 

Transit Tees make artwork from old vinyl records. They aren't based in the Mitten, but we love Chicago too -- and hey, they're on Lake Michigan, so close enough. 

Yoga Journal Feature and the Chance for Free Stuff

So happy to be featured in Yoga Journal's Gifts From the Heart along with Mitscoots socks, MiiR tumblers, To the Market notebooks, Kismet lipsticks, Philosophy cleansers, Plum Deluxe tea, Williams-Sonoma spatulas, and Hugger Mugger yoga mat slings. All of these products have a social component element that gives back and lifts other up. Click here and enter by December 9th, 2015 for a chance to win some of these awesome products. 

New line of gift wrap made with upcycled saris

We could not be more excited to tell you about our new line of upcycled reusable gift wrap. We've partnered with an amazing company, Sari Bari, that works with women who were victims or are at risk of being victims of the sex trade in India. Their expertise in providing freedom, dignity, and hope by working with saris as textiles is phenomenal. You can read more about their work at - plus you can do some shopping  - they have their own line of bags and blankets and things. 

These are also reusable, size adjustable, and like our seersucker line, they are reversible. Like the women who made them, each one is unique. Several were cut from each sari, so the descriptive pictures are representative of the colors and prints you would get - two sides and the ties are pictured - what you order would arrive as some sort of assembly of the prints presented. 

This expansion represents everything that we are about - providing economic opportunity, replacing something disposable with something lasting, repurposing something at the end of it's product cycle with a chance again, and they are gorgeous.