New line of gift wrap made with upcycled saris

We could not be more excited to tell you about our new line of upcycled reusable gift wrap. We've partnered with an amazing company, Sari Bari, that works with women who were victims or are at risk of being victims of the sex trade in India. Their expertise in providing freedom, dignity, and hope by working with saris as textiles is phenomenal. You can read more about their work at - plus you can do some shopping  - they have their own line of bags and blankets and things. 

These are also reusable, size adjustable, and like our seersucker line, they are reversible. Like the women who made them, each one is unique. Several were cut from each sari, so the descriptive pictures are representative of the colors and prints you would get - two sides and the ties are pictured - what you order would arrive as some sort of assembly of the prints presented. 

This expansion represents everything that we are about - providing economic opportunity, replacing something disposable with something lasting, repurposing something at the end of it's product cycle with a chance again, and they are gorgeous.