You know how it is – there’s a present to wrap but the tape is nowhere to be found, the holiday is tomorrow and you’re still up wrapping, the big event just happened and there’s something about that garbage pile of wrapping paper that just doesn’t set right with you. That’s how we felt, so after many hours of cutting, sewing, measuring, and tinkering, enfold reusable gift wrap came to be. We’re a new company looking to make gift giving more fun and more beautiful. And to us, fun and beautiful not only means making a product that is easy to use and crafted impeccably, but also one made in a way that is sustainable and ethical. 

Fun and beautiful not only means making a product that is easy to use and crafted impeccably, but also one made in a way that is sustainable and ethical.

enfold values

Social entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, triple bottom line, affirmative business, blended value, not-just-for-profit– these are all the new terms for businesses that seek to do more than just make money. It's the idea that doing good and making a profit aren’t mutually exclusive. This is the goal of every decision at enfold. Some organizations pursue specific ends - we seek the following ens.


Sustainability is important. As with all aspects of enfold, the environmental & sustainable components to our products and operations are based on a drive for continuous improvement. Because of that drive, we seek to minimize the environmental footprint of what we do and how we do it. This is achieved by using sustainable fabrics, recycled content hang tags and office materials, and even sometimes shipping in boxes brought in from our homes. Plus, our products themselves replace something disposable with something that lasts. 


Sustainable practices are good, but so is how a product comes to exist. We partnered with US manufacturers based in NYC for our initial product launch. There is a resurgence in US manufacturing, especially in textiles, and we're happy to be a part of it. Plus- it helps to reduce shipping miles. We've been able to move production closer to our base, subsequently reducing product miles even further. As in our drive for continuous improvement in sustainable practices, we are constantly seeking new collaborations in which enfold can play a part in making someone else's life better. We've just partnered with Sari Bari to make our gift wraps from reclaimed vintage saris in India. We are so excited about this. Sari Bari does amazing work employing women rescued from the sex trade. The prints are beautiful and we love that our products play a part in giving some one and some thing new life.


From the design, to the sourcing and manufacturing, to customer service, enfold is committed to delivering a quality experience. We know it's a stretch, but we really desire for those we interact with to be better off for having done so. Not only do our products enhance gift wrapping and giving, we are constantly striving to make all aspects of what we do better. 


Gift giving is fun, a gift wrapped in a gift is even better. To help infuse our products with joy, we try to have fun in what we do as well. It is our hope that you enjoy wrapping and giving an enfold wrapped present, knowing that you are giving a beautiful gift that was easy to wrap and is good for the planet.



what others are saying:


You guys. There's a solution for people like me us--okay, me--that want the pretty, wrapped look at an "I just threw this in a bag" effort level. It's called enfold reusable gift wrap… enfold wraps are made of high-quality fabric and don't require any tape, scissors, or measuring. All you have to do is choose your preferred wrap size (large or medium), insert your gift, fold the fabric like you would any other paper gift wrap, then tie the ends together with the attached ribbon. It's so easy, I was seriously able to wrap a box with no mishaps on my very first try.  Wading in Big Shoes


We love Enfold gift wrap which makes gorgeous packages idiot proof with attached bows. Fabric wrapping paper just makes everything feel more special.  GirlieGirl Army - Consciously Luxe Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas


My heart nearly skipped a beat when I learned about enfold reusable gift wrap.. Seriously, the prettiest reusable gift wrap I have ever seen... Mindful Momma


I’ve used the Japanese furoshiki method of wrapping gifts in large fabric squares secured with knots, but I had yet to find a knot-free method that looked very good. The enfold design involves strategically placed Velcro and lovely fabric ties that allow packages to be secured in a lined fabric wrap and embellished with the attached ties that can be fashioned into a lovely bow. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood for mLive


As great a product as the mission and values of the company making it.  Customer from Grand Rapids


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A small company with big ideas, enfold is working with manufactures from Michigan to New York to ensure they will be able to meet the demand of increasingly savvy, environmentally- friendly gift givers.   Eastown Access

I have a lot of gift giving occasions this time of year - actually more than Christmas - and I am really appreciating the simplicity.  Customer from Detroit

I used to swear a lot when wrapping. Not anymore!  Customer from Wyoming

I almost purchased a poinsettia, but then I thought about the possibility of it killing their cats and I don't want that to happen.  Then a light bulb illuminated!  Reusable gift wrap is the perfect present for my friend!!  I'm confident the enfold gift will keep their cats safe and it won't end up in a landfill!  Customer from Salt Lake City