Upcycled Gift Guide

We love repurposed things - which is why we've partnered with Sari Bari to make our upcycled gift wrap. Here are some of our favorite things reclaimed things from other Michigan based companies. 

Wallace Detroit Guitars make beautiful instruments out of reclaimed wood from old Detroit factories

Teamwork uses upcycled materials to make high quality bags. The one pictured above is made of reclaimed sailboat sails from the Great Lakes region.

Remark Clothing takes old t-shirts and makes them into cool dresses. 

Rebel Nell makes fun jewelry from Detroit graffiti. Plus they have a great job training/placement component to their work. Way to go!

Original Stix make iPhone cases from broken NHL, minor league and college hockey sticks. 

Transit Tees make artwork from old vinyl records. They aren't based in the Mitten, but we love Chicago too -- and hey, they're on Lake Michigan, so close enough.