Lady Gaga sings Sound of Music

We love being surprised! Lady Gaga's performance at the Oscar's of classics from the Sound of Music (in front of Julie Andrews!!) took many by surprise. This is the best kind too - it was because of talent and class - not the typical wrecking ball manner of shock. Yes, it was outside of her normal routine, but it was also utilizing talent that was always there in a new way. It left many thinking, I had no idea she...
Check it out:


We also love Ariana Grande singing Imogen Heap. Just her in a room with a mic, skillfully using a sampler. Preconceived notions have to be set aside and it's awesome! It's also worth checking out:


Both point to a greater lesson of letting people be more than what our prejudices have already pegged for them. Surprising, unexpected and a little different. It's who we are and what we celebrate.