Wading in Big Shoes

Some people just get you.

The blog Wading in Big Shoes is showing us some blogosphere love. It's a Michigan centric blog with fun writing and great photography.
You can check out the full piece here.  For now, here's a snippet...

You guys. There’s a solution for people like me us—okay, me—that want the pretty, wrapped look at an “I just threw this in a bag” effort level. It’s called enfold reusable gift wrap, and it’s made right here in Michigan! Based in Grand Rapids and sewn in Lansing, enfold wraps are made of high-quality fabric and don’t require any tape, scissors, or measuring. All you have to do is choose your preferred wrap size (large or medium), insert your gift, fold the fabric like you would any other paper gift wrap, then tie the ends together with the attached ribbon. It’s so easy, I was seriously able to wrap a box with no mishaps on my very first try. If, for some reason, you’re a horrible present wrapper and still don’t think you can manage, there are step-by-step instructions in the box as well as in the video below (also viewable here). Long story short, anyone can use these—and they look awesome!
— Wading in Big Shoes